May 6, 2016

Under Armour “Armoury” at Champs Sports in Dallas

Champs Sports and Under Armour have joined together to open a second location for their joint store “The Armoury” at Champs Sports inside the Galleria Dallas shopping mall in Dallas, Texas. NBA players Emmanuel Mudiay of the Denver Nuggets and Raymond Felton of the Dallas Mavericks stopped by to talk to the media and sign autographs. Check out what they had to say about UA and the NBA!

Dallas Mavericks’ Raymond Felton

Ray Felton on Under Armour:

“From four years ago when I was starting in New York to now, it’s unbelievable, the shoes are amazing. And I’m not just saying that because I’m with them. It’s the feel of the shoes, the company and all these people; they’re great. That’s the beauty of it, they actually listen to [what the athlete] says. If you tell them there’s a problem with the shoe, the next time you get it back – it’s fixed. I’ve been with companies where, you tell them there’s a problem with the shoe and it’s never fixed and it’s the same problem over and over and over the whole year. I feel like Under Armour is the future. I feel like they’re pretty much taking over… The sky is the limit for this company.”

Denver Nuggets’ Emmanuel Mudiay

Emmanuel Mudiay on Under Armour’s rising popularity:

“I feel that Steph [Curry] and how he’s been playing is definitely helping us out.”

On who will be in the NBA Finals:

“Spurs and Cavs. No one in the East can stop the Cavs. The Spurs are going to win, they know what they’re doing with Coach Pop. ”

On what he would tell himself before his Rookie year after experiencing this season:

“Be ready for what you’re about to see. There’s some crazy thing that’s happening out there that a lot of people don’t get to see because they’re not professional athletes. It’s kind of crazy out there, but you’ve just got to be mature, you’ve got to be focused.”

Champs Sports Love Box

Steph Curry Chef 2 Lows

having fun at the range, thanks for the gear @champssports & @underarmour #evolutionofgame

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