Steph Curry Has A Perfect Reaction To Seeing His Daughter On The ‘NBA 2K16’ Cover

(Article written by Dime Magazine)

The Internet is an incredible place, and one of the biggest reason why are the amazing geniuses who have mastered photoshop like Steph Curry has mastered the three-point shot. Take, for instance, the folks who created a special NBA 2K22 cover for Riley Curry after her dad was given the honor earlier this summer.

Incredible, right? Well, imagine the amount of laughs you’d get if that was your daughter. Wouldn’t you want to save that thing forever? Well, it turns out Steph did, and he loves that cover.

Alexis Morgan caught up with Steph and his lovely wife Ayesha at Monday night’s NBA 2K16 launch event at Marquee and asked him about the photoshopped cover and, lo and behold, Steph knew about it and keeps it on his phone.

“That’s a classic right there. I have this on my phone,” said the reigning NBA MVP. “Whoever made this is a genius. She’s a star”

She is a star, even if Skip Bayless and Brian Windhorst don’t like it, and the Currys seem to be taking it all in stride. Ayesha even wrote an op-ed for Time earlier this year, explaining how the family enjoys it Riley’s newfound fame, but works to maintain normalcy. Seems like they’re enjoying themselves just fine.