A New Sport Sweeps the Nation

There’s a new sport that’s becoming more and more popular across the United States that you need to check out! It’s already spread throughout Europe and in South America and is gaining traction here in America. It’s a hybrid sport between golf and soccer.

It’s called FootGolf.

It’s essentially soccer played on a golf course. It abides by the same rules and etiquette as golf but just using your foot to kick a soccer ball instead of a club to hit a golf ball. The object is to kick the ball into a larger-cut hole on the specified FootGolf green in a few kicks as possible. In the past few years, the game has grown exponentially. There are currently more than 240 courses in the US and some estimate as many as 400 by the end of this year.

It combines two of the most popular pastimes that will bring new demographics to the links. Whether you’re six or 60, there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with this game. I sure did!