July 2, 2016

Road to the NBA Finals with SlingTV #TakeBackTV

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Raise your hand if you’re counting down the days until the 2016-17 NBA Season

I’m still in utter shock from what went down in Game 7 of the NBA Finals a couple weeks ago between Golden State and Cleveland, not to mention what’s happening in free agency right now. I know I couldn’t have survived the Playoffs without the help of Sling TV. If you’ve been following me on social media over the last few months, you know that I’ve been obsessed with every single game. Thanks to my partnership with Sling TV, I was able to travel to Game 7 and experience the Western Conference Finals, and I’ve also been able to watch the games at home and on the road via the Sling TV app.

Check out my journey to Game 7 on Memorial Day in Oakland with Sling TV!

One person was already intrigued:

Just in case you haven’t heard about Sling already —it’s a great way to ditch the cable contract and get the channels you really want! If you haven’t heard of Sling TV, it’s the live and on-demand streaming television service that lets you customize your entertainment from over 100 channels.

For or me, TV is about SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS. But Sling also offers domestic,  international, live and on-demand programming, And since the off-season is here, I’m going to need to fill my time with non-basketball related TV. Great news for me because they just added new channels including Comedy Central, BET, Spike, MTV, VH1, NBC local broadcast channels (in select markets), USA, Bravo, Syfy, NBC Sports Network and more.

Here I was on Treasure Island enjoying the Bay breeze:

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But then it was time to head over to the Game!

As we all know, the Warriors climbed back from a 1-3 deficit to take the series and move on to the Finals after beating the Oklahoma City Thunder. Little did I know, I had just witnessed the last time Durant and Westbrook would play together on OKC.

Wonder if Durant thought at all at that time that’d he’d be a Warrior today. Anyways, hopefully you guys were watching it live because apparently I was all over the press conference feed! One of the major benefits about Sling TV for me is that you can watch live TV from anywhere you have an internet connection on the Sling TV app—which is obviously amazing. There were a few times when I was on the road but was still able to catch the first minutes of the game.

Amazing customer service:

Idk if you’re like me, but I was mooching off my mom’s log-ins until I was introduced to Sling TV. Now I don’t have to because Sling TV is the right price point for me and I still have the channels I want without the cable contract! I tried Sling TV for free and now I’m hooked and you can try it free for 7 days, too. Click here to check out Sling TV for live sports, shows, and the newest movies!

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And I’ll end this post with this amazing end to my trip to Oakland: