February 17, 2015

Fashion Week and Michael Jordan’s Epic Bash

New York from 35,000ft

Holy cow, I’m still decompressing from this week! What a whirlwind of both an exhausting and exhilarating time in New York reporting on FW and the ASG. First things first – I have missed you NEW YORK! A cold welcome from my old friend but I wouldn’t expect anything less from the frozen apple.

Can I take a break and talk Drake for a second? Drake dropped a new mixtape/album (do we even know what this is?) Beyonce style, stealthily, late in the night when no one expected it and we all had to stay up listening to it. Here are some reactions that sum up what we are all thinking about #ifyourereadingthisitstoolate:

Back to the regularly scheduled program. On Friday, I went to Asaf Ganot’s A/W 2015 presentation in meatpacking. Fun fact: Ganot used to play pro basketball in Brazil. His luxury men’s collection deserves to be noticed; it’s understated elegance demands attention. I absolutely love when the fashion and sports world collide.

After the show, I headed to Wall Street for the Jordan Brand 30th Anniversary event (thanks Ziad for the invite!). After waiting in the below freezing windchill for an hour, I finally got in! I didn’t realize how amazing the party was going to be, I’m glad I stuck the line out. It was super exclusive and Jordan didn’t spare any expense… except the bathrooms, er porta potties. The crowd, a mix of everyone in the “industry,” was gifted with a few performances from Ariana Grande and Prince. There were no pictures allowed but of course I had to get in a few!

There were a few famous people at the star-studded bash including Beyonce, Jay Z, Derek Jeter, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Busta Rhymes, Chris Paul, Nicki Minaj, Jeremy Piven, Dirk Nowitzki, Scotty Pippen, Magic Johnson and of course Michael Jordan himself.

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After the MJ event, I went to The Box with some new friends where Snoop Lion (is that what we’re calling him these days?) performed.

This basically sums up my Friday.