September 27, 2016

New Grizzlies Reporter Alexis Morgan Walks Into Camera During DJ Stephens Interview

by David Astramskas
If you follow Ballislife then the name Alexis Morgan should ring a bell. When we aren’t featuring hot photos of her for #WCW or classy photos of her modeling our gear, we are featuring videos of her interviewing NBA players at game launches or red carpets. And when we aren’t doing all of those things, we are often featuring her hilarious tweets about NBA players.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, the Memphis Grizzlies were wise enough hire her as the new Digital Content Reporter for the upcoming 2016 season. Monday’s Media day marked her first day on the job and from the video above, it looks (or should I say sounds) like she might have a mark on her head to remember the day.

“She hit it so hard,” Said a joking DJ Stephens after he witnessed Alexis slam her head on a camera after laying a mic on a table. “Then she tried to play it off like nothing happened.”

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